Linda "Lindy" Owens is seventeen years old and resides in Brooklyn, New York with Kyle Kingsbury and Will Fratalli. She has sisters, who each went away due to their father's alcoholism.


Lindy has long red hair that she keeps in a braid, gray eyes, freckles, and pale skin. When Kyle first meets her he describes her as "mousy-looing" and with crooked teeth.


Lindy is quiet, and spends most of her time reading and taking care of her father. She earned a scholarship to attend Tuttle school, showing her intelligence and determination. Before meeting Adrian, she never had a friend.


  • Daniel Owens is Lindy's father. Although he drinks a lot, she still cares for him. When he is gravely ill, she leaves Adrian's home and tends to him.
  • Sloane Hagen is described as snobby by Lindy.
  • Kyle Kingsbury/Adrian King is Lindy's crush and later on, boyfriend. She used to have a crush on Kyle Kingsbury, only because of his looks. She is angry at Adrian King for being imprisoned. When days pass by, they finally have dinner together. Over the time they become friends and she cares for him. Months later when she is in a dangerous situation, she calls for Adrian to help her. Once Adrian reveals that he is actually Kyle, she doesn't believe him at first. They remain at the residence in Brooklyn and attend Tuttle, finishing their senior year.