Kyle Kingsbury (changed to Adrian King) is seventeen years old and resides in Brooklyn, New York with Linda Owens and Will Fratalli. At the beginning of the novel, Beastly, he is vain and enjoys humiliating others. However, once cursed to become a beast, he realizes that there is more than just appearances.


Kyle is described as being handsome, with blond hair and blue eyes.


Kyle is shallow at the beginning of the book, believing that everyone shouldn't be ugly. In second grade, he told a classmate Terry Fisher that her head in lopsided, and prank-called Wimberly Sawyer who had a crush on him. As a joke, he invites a girl named Kendra Hilferty to the grade nine dance, intending to ditch her at the last moment with his actual date, Solane Hagen. When he breaks the curse, he realizes that appearances don't matter as much as personality. Lindy, who he initially thinks is average-looking, finds himself being attracted to her and beautiful.


  • Rob Kingsbury is Kyle's father. He is often too busy with work, making it up by buying Kyle expensive things. Throughout the book, Rob takes care of things but is never truly close with his son.
  • Trey Parker was Kyle's friend at Tuttle, but later on in the book betrayed him, saying he was a snob.
  • Sloane Hagen is the "hottest girl in school", described by Trey Parker. She and Kyle go to the dance together, but Kyle never truly liked her.
  • Magda was the Kingsbury's maid. Kyle bosses her around and yells at her. After the curse, she moves with Kyle to the house in Brooklyn. Kyle apologizes to her, which shows the signs of his attempt for redemption. Eventually Kyle becomes friends with her, and wishes for her family to reunite.
  • Kendra disguises herself as a student at Tuttle, and Kyle takes dislike to her when she mentions the injustice of the royalty ballots. After being turned into a beast, he tries to kill her, but she turns into another form. Receiving a mirror from her, Kyle occasionally talks to Kendra throughout the book. At the end he realizes she was also Magda, one of his friends.
  • Will Fratalli is Kyle's blind tutor. They become friends and Kyle wishes that Will could see again. Later on he becomes the English teacher at Tuttle High.
  • Linda Owens is a student at Tuttle. When Kyle first sees her, he thinks she is average looking. However, after her dad breaks into his garden, the exchange is for Lindy to live with him. At first the two barely look at each other, but overtime become great friends. Lindy breaks the curse, and they become a couple. Lindy admits that she used to have a crush on Kyle Kingsbury, and recognizes his voice one night when Adrian carries her to bed.